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The Grammar Guru

Expert Editorial Services
for Individuals and Businesses

*8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. EASTERN TIME



The Grammar Guru proudly offers the following editorial and related services:

  • Check grammar, punctuation, spelling, typos, and syntax;
  • eliminate redundancy; ensure adherence to house or other designated style;
  • verify one-to-one correspondence between citations and references;
  • verify accuracy of table of contents;
  • verify inclusion of call-outs for figures and tables and type-fit to ensure proper placements of graphics.
  • Substantive editing is an interactive process that involves querying authors for additional information or clarification; secondary reviews ensure that outstanding issues have been resolved and incorporated without introducing errors.
    • Ensure logical flow and organization; ensure that the document “speaks with one voice” (multiple authors) and that tone and language are consistent;
    • Assess adequacy of introductory and transitional material; eliminate overly complex, excessively wordy, and difficult-to-follow language and ensure that the language and material is appropriate for the intended audience;
    • Check facts and accuracy of content and determine whether the material is complete;
    • Ensure that the writing is clear and compelling.
    APA, GPO, Chicago, and other popular styles dictate hyphenation and capitalization schemes, placement/formatting of figures and tables, use of subheads, use of unbiased language, reference and citation formatting, and so on. The Grammar Guru will ensure that your article, report, or book manuscript conforms in every detail with your specified style.
    If your organization scrambles to establish a “style sheet” or guide for each new project or proposal, consider retaining The Grammar Guru to formalize and document your preferences.
    The process involves
    • Reviewing past documents, interviewing key players regarding preferences,
    • Developing recommendations for layout and style that represent your enterprise and look professional and appealing,
    • Presenting and modifying recommendations,
    • Documenting the results,
    • Updating as needed, and/or
    • Educating users in the fine points.
  • Select fonts and font attributes for various kinds of text and levels of headings;
  • Create and apply style sheets;
  • Design page layouts for a dynamic feel to keep the reader’s eye engaged and on the page;
  • Incorporate display elements to reduce “gray mass” and keep the reader involved. An important and often overlooked facet of document preparation is setting style parameters for tables and figures, particularly with regard to placement in text.
  • Web content reviews are customized to serve the client and may include copy editing or a more substantive approach. The Grammar Guru Web content review considers the following questions:
    • Is your Web page reader-friendly?
    • Does it communicate clearly and quickly?
    • Does it keep the reader engaged and interested?
    • Are the graphics fresh and placed advantageously?
    • Do the text and design represent you well?
    Very often proposals are completed with little time to spare. Writers must split their time between routine duties and proposal writing and often have minimal writing experience or skills. Page limits pose a challenge for overtaxed writers to develop copy that is exceptionally articulate and concise. The end result must “speak with one voice.” Compelling copy that takes advantage of every opportunity to sell the Offeror’s abilities and services and states them in terms of benefits can be the difference between a win and a loss. The Grammar Guru has participated in dozens of major and minor proposal efforts to Federal and local government and businesses with eleventh-hour reviews and offers custom approaches to working within your time and budget constraints.
    The Grammar Guru can assemble your text into a tight, highly readable newsletter for internal or external distribution or develop text based on your needs.
    The Grammar Guru offers specialized editing services for authors who are not native English speakers. The Guru has extensive background in languages and more than two decades of experience working with writers whose native languages are Japanese, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Nigerian (Ebo), Haitian Kreyol, and others. The product of this type of editing (which also generally encompasses copy or substantive editing) is clear, easy-to-read language that avoids awkward construction and mangled idioms.
    The Grammar Guru is an expert user of Word features such as track changes (reveal changes made in the editing process), formatting features for complex tables, embedded comments (enables in-document communication between authors and reviewers), style sheets (ensures consistent application of characteristics to text), and so on.
    The Grammar Guru and her business partners are experienced transcriptionists. Typing service is also available.

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